Italian women's clothing brand acme Agnona all show elegance

Founded in 1953, Mr. Zegna, the Italian women's clothing brand Agnona has always been committed to the use of natural precious fabrics to create elegant design. When the brand entered the 60th anniversary, Stefano Pilati join zegna group and served as Agnona creative director.

Agnona in Italy was born in 1953, from yarn to fabric, the fabrics to fashion series luxury open here. Since the brand since its creation, focusing on the top fabric is Agnona stick to philosophy. Agnona will nature presents for humanity's unique gifts, fashion classic. From China's Tibetan cashmere and camel hair; To the Oceania's finest Australian wool; Peru unearthed "soft gold," said the sheep camel hair. More vicugna cloth with soft nap (Vicuna) from South America, the locals call it "god's exclusive fabrics", extremely rare due to its source, relevant government agencies for meticulous protection, Agnona lucky enough to become the world has the right of exclusive vicugna velvet to one of three companies. In order to make full use of the rare and precious raw material with gold, Agnona to delve into the latest technology, and mix the Italian traditional crafts will be made precious fabrics of raw materials. Agnona fabrics is also recognised by the fashion industry, have become, Balenciaga Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino, and many other brands of fabric supplier.

From is the result of natural precious fabrics, classical design, Italian technology, the creative director since 2012, Stefano Pilati join, all let Agnona in fashionable circle position more secure.

With the professional let Agnona fabrics become an indispensable part of the fashion industry. Since 1974, Agnona began to explore women's clothing, and publish the fashionable elegant and easy to collocation of knitting series, a series of apparel and related accessories. Fabric, color, and style in the hands of artisans is balanced properly. Agnona precision with the fabric, exquisite and delicate, make its design can perfect foil woolen natural appearance. Agnona representative vicuna wool coat, the traditional manual in Italy, the use of the rare fabrics, to create highly warmth and light sheet is tasted, the classic in women's wardrobe.

Agnona loyal to the id, the women who knows how to enjoy life, and understand the true meaning of nature. Agnona chromatographic natural and warm, especially return to origin with the earth color is white, and soft fabric mutual echo.

Because Stafano Pilati join, Agnona in the attention of fashion is also rise accordingly. In September 2013, milan fashion week, Stefano Pilati will release its first ready-to-wear collections with Agnona cooperation, Agnona originates from the concept of nature will collide with the fashion designer's high-profile new sparkles, and for the brand's rich history in another important milestone.
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Italian women's clothing brand acme Agnona all show elegance
Italian women's clothing brand acme Agnona all show elegance
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