Pay attention to the bride wear the dress to walk

A wedding is a big stage in life, new people in my life the most beautiful moment is the perfect show. Under the focus of the guests, the bride and groom's grooming appear particularly important, and decent behavior is the key of success or failure in the whole wedding. Do you still in wedding manners etiquette some scratching their heads, then look at sexy beach wedding dresses walking with us to pay attention to it. Good pace allows you to show more elegant and charming manners.

1, there is petticoat dress walking
Dress has a best wedding dresses 2013, walk, two feet apart and boxing's breadth, tiptoe gently upward kick like a duck, then there is a will skirt side kick up gently.

2, no petticoat dress walking
A word step, walk in a straight line, two knees attract each other. Landing feeling like to slide gently on the straight line, toes touchdown. To pay attention to the rhythm of a step.

3, the bride bouquet
Bouquet of flowers to put in the location of the navel, holding flowers palm bending, feel like holding an object the size of a fist to holding a bouquet of flowers.

4, cooperate with the pace of the bride and groom
When the bride and groom each step on the red carpet, the footsteps of a sequence is consistent with the pace, the groom's body position than before the bride half step distance (about 15 cm).

5, the bride and groom stand
When two people stand in timing, micro into a figure eight moves inward, footsteps step into a model t, high pressure, visual ahead.

6, the bride and groom sit
Belly in, hold out a bosom, chairs by half. Front legs and sit, groom the bride step to stop t sit down, and your knees together small lateral side the bridegroom, upper body forward.
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Pay attention to the bride wear the dress to walk
Pay attention to the bride wear the dress to walk
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