Summer background with flowers and wedding photography

With flowers is the symbol of pure and fresh and romantic, summer flowers as a background for their wedding photos are a lot of the bride's choice. But the hot weather in summer, the mosquito is more problems brought to have wedding pictures taken certain problems. Then shoot flowers photos need to pay attention to what matters? See below small make up recommend for everybody to shoot on location flowers photos matters needing attention.

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1, some want to take a professional makeup artist.
Makeup girl is really important, after all, is to take wedding photos rather than general pictures, tools and professional makeup artist has a professional makeup cosmetics, will make you get twice the result with half the effort.

Also had better be in according with clothes and makeup girl a few days before the meet, put on your requirements and to prepare the props in mind. Makeup girl also kept in the process of photography, repair a makeup, in order to make sure you always glowing.

2, can put the want to get up and look funny clothes and gadgets, transform to let the photographer more feel more! Believe you is the most beautiful that day!

3, be sure to remember to bring a small watering can, that is watering the flowers.Because take clothes there may be some wrinkles in the past, can not use the iron in the outdoor, the little watering can put to great use.

4, the bride filling water in advance, in summer the weather is dry, so the bride picture taken two days before make a hydrating mask is indispensable.

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Summer background with flowers and wedding photography
Summer background with flowers and wedding photography
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