The couple how to budget the most perfect wedding

1, short-term financial benefits
Early if you got wedding preparations from parents that a large sum of money, money can be invested in short-term bank financing products, when your wedding is approaching, you've got a certain benefits.

2, to avoid the peak
Avoid the wedding season, to get married in the very ordinary day, lots of wedding company and hotel reception at this time have very big discount.

3, rejection, useless bargains
Before the good wedding decoration style is determined, you should keep calm to resist the temptation of those cheap goods, such as cheap candles or ribbon.
Because in the end you will find that you spent a lot of money here, there is no use.

4, control the number of guests
Possible to control the guest list as far as possible within a smaller range, much more people to the area is big, wedding banquet more spending.

5, the wedding activities don't timeout
Strictly according to order determine the time schedule for each activity, avoid timeout and were asked to pay some additional costs, such as car rental, sites with the band.

6 select gifts, discounts
During the seasonal discount, choose those who originally expensive gift of discounted merchandise.

7, can consider to travel to get married
Many resorts offer travel suit, can take advantage of the activities during the wedding together with the guests enjoy travel. If guests have to very few number, of course, to ensure that overhead in the acceptable range.
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The couple how to budget the most perfect wedding
The couple how to budget the most perfect wedding
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