The wedding location should pay attention to what

Drizzle, the lilac hidden in the mist, revealing, and a mystery of nature. But new people on location in time, often will encounter all sorts of problems, according to the experience of wedding photography makeup makeup artist with Harbin, sharing in the collocation of clothing's get down to shoot on location.

Note: before wedding photography
1, outside take place: make sure you are going to the site, if not, please make sure the clear process, best first speak good what to wear.

2, goods preparation: ask the photographer, stylist need to bring things.

3, booking time trying on dresses, wedding dresses, determine whether or not fit well. Oriental skin deep and yellow, wear white wedding dress, can appear dark dumb, wear ivory color will be more harmonious and natural, powder blue, purple and yellow skin is not harmonious, can instead of pink orange, pink, green and yellow color to match. As for the skin white inside deeply red, or bronze skin, wear pure white will look good, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, protruding shows a different luster.

And shoot on location must not wear heels oh, unless you can follow one's inclinations, like putting the harness.
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The wedding location should pay attention to what
The wedding location should pay attention to what
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