The bride is the most fashionable accentuated makeup look a secret

Different people have different personality and temperament, especially women, can be sweet, leng yan, can be elegant, charming... When facing the wedding this life event, will become the bride of your nature to the most perfect one side show, then if you still worry about their own makeup?

Actually want to perfectly show ego is not difficult, the key is the bride makeup painting, don't worry, take a look at the following these tips!

1, sweet pink bride makeup
The bride is the focus of the makeup for the collocation of pink eye shadow, lip and cheek and use. At this time to pay attention to is in need of high saturation is sweet moist red will have the best results. As to reflect the most sweet temperament of the bride wedding dress with the color such as white, pink is the most. Also can be matched with the natural big waves and shiny hair.

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2, clear beautiful bride makeup
It is water embellish and lovely bride makeup, the bride's face does not need to what color, is transparent and delicate. With the method of the powder on not let makeup look natural luster, in T word of light, the entire natural solid and bright eye makeup look. Focus on the eyes, blue as a bright autumn waters with watery eyes. The effect of light color lip is sweet and lip gloss has make the finishing point.

3, fashion the bride makeup as fairy
The bride makeup to the modelling of white, blue and silver as the main color, also can be used with a pearl with small crystal shiny stick act the role of let the bride more to show off.

4, the noble lady bride makeup
Very low profile and fashion small sootiness can also is very popular trend, the bride makeup is high brightness and low chroma of natural makeup feeling form. To reflect light effects for the foundation to make the level of the face and clear have stereo feeling, strengthen the eyeliner, long eyelashes to roll become warped secrets, lip color with close to natural coral and pink to give priority to, do not draw lip line.
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The bride is the most fashionable accentuated makeup look a secret
The bride is the most fashionable accentuated makeup look a secret
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