The most practical maintenance of save wedding dresses

After the wedding, leaving us will be accompanied by a lifetime of memories, but only through the day of the photos and videos relived. In the wedding dress wedding dress is a lifetime can be treasured, fingertips clear memories. After the wedding, the princess ball gown wedding dresses to buy their own metropolis idle up, but as the years go by, if maintained properly, the wedding will be a variety of problems and defects, left to their own happy memories a little regret.

1, wedding cleaning, wet cleaning is the key
     White wedding dress long time storage is easy to yellow, wet cleaning is the key. Wedding some small decorative such as beaded trim, etc. can not stand the dry cleaning chemical corrosion. A good way is to intercept wedding into a mild neutral detergent in water, soak for a while, you can wash away the oil left in the gallery with red wine and other stains. Can not use the washing machine washing and dehydration, exposure to the sun can not.

2, pay attention to the different fabrics collection
     In the purchase of wedding dress, we must ask, what is the fabric of the wedding, the above flash chip attached to the beads and other ornaments have any stress. Generally speaking, the owner will tell you in detail, according to the methods provided for his maintenance.
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The most practical maintenance of save wedding dresses
The most practical maintenance of save wedding dresses
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