The wedding service safeguard the legitimate rights and interests

As the ceremony content and the form of innovation, consumers have greater choice space, but the wedding services infringe on consumers' rights and interests is often happened. Therefore, the province disappear assist issued a consumer warning, in case of unnecessary trouble. According to understand, with the rapid development of wedding services, our province consumer complaints related to rise. According to statistics, in 2009, henan wedding services in complaint center receives consumer complaints 94, began in 2010, the province has received complaints related to 48, increased by 20% than the same period in 2009. In the wedding service, should pay attention to the problem:

Problem 1. Wedding photography service industry rules exist in the damage the interests of the consumer

One is in marketing, in order to "activity", "package" and other forms of induction of consumers, but it is very poor clothes and service, is forcing consumers to the secondary consumption is buried under the "seeds"; The second is in the process of service, with all sorts of excuses to persuade consumers to increase consumption amount; Three is selected in production and photo link, by "guild regulations" to difficult for consumers, for consumers to pay more.

Question 2. Small wedding wedding company service quality is poor "black" is still abound

Some small wedding company, to undertake the business performance ability is poor, the service level is low, often cause consumer disputes. And those without licenses, qualifications of "black" wedding company is not honest, casually promise, once consumers have the down payment in advance or deposit face "shrink" service, it is difficult to guarantee legal rights.
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The wedding service safeguard the legitimate rights and interests
The wedding service safeguard the legitimate rights and interests
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